Happy Halloween 2017

The Halloween history

The origin of Halloween is discussed to be Gaelic with the Samhain festival, a Celtic harvest festival or that it was Christianized as Halloween or was a Christian holiday already for ages separate of the Samhain festival.

What is known is that the word ‘Halloween‘ is from Christian origin and dates back to 1745. It means ‘Holy Evening‘ and in Scottish it even means ‘All Hallows’ Eve‘. Which is the evening before ‘All Hallows’ Day’. The word combination ‘All Hallows’ dates back to the Old English era. The word is officially seen in 1556. Two ages before it was evolved to ‘Halloween’. And now Halloween is known for it’s sweets, decorations, costumes and being a scary related theme. A very creative event.


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Halloween 2017

In the office we had today some lovely Halloween sweets made by a colleague. And I think she is a really good homebaker. She should maybe one day participate in an edition of the Great British Bake Off. Or similar in Germany.

And of course the internet is exploding with lots of created art, schminks, sweets, decorations and so on. I have collected lots of them on my Pinterest board ‘C&E | Halloween‘. I had a full work day, not a day off like some businesses or some countries as The United States. So I just collected some more pins today and tomorrow you’ll discover my Top Five of Today of Halloween pins.

What have you been doing during Halloween?

My Pinterest board to give you some inspiration:

Enjoy the Halloween!

Greetings by Sophie

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