Happy New Year 2022!

I wish you a healthy and lovely New Year for 2022!

My wishes for 2022 to you and the world

May the year be the closing of a world gripping pandemic.  

May the year be full of grand and small adventures and opportunities.  

May the year be full of love and gratitude. 

May the year be full of highs and smaller lows 
- to appreciate the high -. 

May the year be peaceful and build on greater equality and inclusion.

- Sophie van den Akker -
 - 2022 -

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Our basic elements in life are build upon, but not limited by, a few things:

  • Thankfulness & Joy | Enjoy the basic of the good weather, the world exists. Out of all the atoms the earth is build upon and out of all the miracles that happen in this universe, we still exists every single day.
  • Peace | Give peace to one another. Because we can not live our lives nor survive living on this planet without giving each other and every creature a bit of piece.
  • Love | Love is the most powerful miracle in our lives. Indescribably powerful!

My hopes for you:

I hope that with these three basic elements, in any situation you are:

You will find joy in every day, turn around an off day into a day where you enjoyed something.

If you enjoy watching the peacefulness of the moon passing by at night and wondering why you always see the same face… yes, if you do not know the answer yet Google it or read a book about the universe, it is quite a challenge to understand.

You will make peace with yourself and your mind, always when needed.

When something drags your energy of the day down, like a setback, financial worries, bad study results, opinions … it can be so much. Stay close to who you are and ask yourself the question why. Not the why are your doing that? But the why are you letting it make you sad for a moment or longer. Do not stay in that mood. Find the path to peace and the strength to continue instead of pressing the pause button or sitting down and let it happen.

The power of love is hard to explain. You feel it when you need it most, you feel it when you are enjoying life, you can feel it always as long as you are aware of every bit of it.

Happy New Year 2022!

Loves from Sophie

Q: What do you wish for the new year?

One thought on “Happy New Year 2022!

  1. i only wish for good health. everything else takes care of itself if we have our good health. i can live without love, travel, fancy meals, fine things, and fun times, but i am miserable when i am in pain.

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