Ice Castles (2010)

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In my view…

The story of this television broadcasted film (sadly not been in cinemas) is about a young girl who dreams of figure skating and one day becoming a champion. The road to achieve such a succes is hard and she has to leave her family for a while. The beauty of this film is, at a sudden point she does not see that well anymore and she goes back to her family who always support her. From that moment on, she becomes a strong woman who makes her own decisions.

As far as I know, I have never seen acting the people of the top characters before. They fulfilled their role beautifully and sometimes a bit more simple. But this film is a remake of the film Ice Castles (1978). And in my opinion is that time difference not that clear.

The sport figure skating is beautiful! And this film shows that even with bad luck, tragedy or something negative in your life. If you really want something and fight for it, you can do it! And even better when your closests family and friends always got your back

A lovely film to watch on just a weekday evening.


I am not telling about the story – never do in my film reviews – you have to see the film yourself and make your own opinion. I hope you like the film too. It is worth to watch it multiple times.

Greetings by Sophie

Film Facts:

Title: Ice Castles
Genre: Drama / Romance / Sport
Director: Donald Wrye
Screenwriter: Donald Wrye / Gary L. Baim
Country: Canada / United States of America
Language spoken: English
Release Date: 9 February 2010
Time: 95 minutes
Production Companies: Stage 6 Films / Jaffe|Braunstein Films / RCR Media Group
IMDb rating: 6,3 / 10 stars
Rating: 8 / 10

Top 25 Cast:
  1. Taylor Firth / Lexi
  2. Rob Mayes / Nick
  3. Henry Czerny / Marcus
  4. Morgan Kelly / Aiden
  5. Tattiawna Jones / Melissa
  6. Eve Crawford / Aunt Jane
  7. Andrew MacVicar / Nick’s Coach
  8. Molly Oberstar / Carrie Turner
  9. Jamie Bradley / Cedar Rapids Announcer
  10. Maggie MacKinnon / Carol Sanders
  11. Gillian Ferrier / Snotty Skater
  12. Amy Kerr / Cedar Rapids Skater
  13. Nicole Maillet / Carrie’s Friend
  14. Kathryn MacLellan / Doctor
  15. Juanita Peters / Vision Specialist
  16. Alan Dunlop / Skating Promoter
  17. Kevin Mahoney / Carrie Turner’s Coach
  18. Theo Pitsiavas / Patron
  19. Shawn Duggan / Regional Rinks Reporter #1
  20. Stacy Smith / Regional Rinks Reporter #2
  21. Nancy Regan / Regionals Female Commentator
  22. Doug Barron / Regionals Male Commentator
  23. Andrea Joyce / Rink Reporter and Achor
  24. Matthey Lumley / Boston Rink Reporter
  25. Graham Bona / Michigan State Player

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