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Social media and websites is one of the things I grew up with. And social media still has my big interest. Intrigued by the way the social network evolves, the opportunities, the threats, the risks and the courage.

This infographic explains in an overview the six biggest social networks everyone in the world can use.

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The infographic explained


  1. Pinterest is the social media site that is all about discovery. New images, new inspiration from all over the world wide web.
  2. Pinterest has the largest amount of different categories someone is interested in. Pinterest does not decide the categories though. The community does and Pinterest adjust to the community.
  3. Most people who use Pinterest are female and about 1/5th is male. But the amount of men that is starting to use Pinterest is growing.
  4. Pinterest has over 20 million active users.


  1. Twitter is the micro blogging website where every micro blog has a blog post of just 140 characters maximum.
  2. Twitter was most popular in the United States of America but is growing worldwide and is the quickest platform to spread some news around the world.
  3. Every second there are 5700 new tweets send to the world.
  4. Twitter has over 241 million active  users.


  1. Facebook is all about social sharing.
  2. It gives you large personal opportunities, or a bit business, where businesses can communicate with consumers in a non-obtrusive way.
  3. One million links are shared – to Facebook, from Facebook or between users – every 20 minutes.
  4. Facebook is the largest community with over 1 billion active users.


  1. Instagram is owned by Facebook and all about pictures and short video’s.
  2. It is interesting for businesses because brands can show their moodboards, interact more publicly and overview with the community, #hashtags are very important.
  3. At the time the infographic was made, the most followed – also known as popular – brand on Instagram is National Geographic. Why? Because they post incredible beautiful earthy photo’s, happenings, events, cultures, animals and so on. And they interact with the community.
  4. Instagram has over 200 million active users.


  1. Google is nowadays more of an in-between. The social network where the businesses and users can connect through common interested ‘circles’ – little communities.
  2. It seems like it has more quality than quantity because not every brand is involved and the ones who are, do pretty good business.
  3. The range of age of the users is quite small. The people in the age 25-35 does not seem to be a large community and will probably consist of people who have a Gmail account as well.
  4. Google+ has over 540 million active users.


  1. LinkedIn really profiles itself. It is business oriented so all the reason why you and the companies are there, is just business. It’s just business.
  2. It’s a place of formal networking, job opportunities and have your own Curriculum Vitae up to date.
  3. It has grown to a big influence. Most people have the opportunity to find a job through the LinkedIn network.
  4. LinkedIn has over 300 million (not active mentioned) users.

With this infographic explained I hope I have created more awareness of the goals of these social networks and that you have an idea of with which goal you should use those networks. They all are intended with different goals and a different way of use.

Keep one thing in mind: you are you! Don’t change your behavior somewhere because it is a different social network. You are you!

Which social networks are you using?

Greetings by Sophie

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    1. Thank you for your response Precious! Twitter and Facebook is a great combination and I am curious how Snapchat will evolve to next year and maybe becomes an important social media network too.

      Greetings by Sophie

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