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A little update about my study Informatica [Computer Science]. This third quarter I am following as a side-subject: NLP: Neuro-Linguïstic Programming. NLP has not much to do with computer science but it is a way of thinking. For my study in total I have to practice a lot, reads beside it as well or listen to some good YouTube explanations about programming. I was thinking how to combine that with my blog…

After a while the idea came up to write a blog post now and then of the pieces of code I write. I am nearly totally finished with the programming language Python, I have to do the last practice exams. And I started in college already with the programming languages Java and C#.

The teachers say C# is a more structured programming language but less known so less information can be find about it then Java. I am curious for learning and finding the little differences between those two languages and the comparison to the Python language which I have learned the past semester. These two languages – Java and C# – I will be learning this second semester of the year.

Lots of practice needs to be done and I love blogging to, so the idea came up: why not blogging about the practices I do? And the languages I am learning. You can design quite some stuff with those languages and with Python I have also learned how to design some things – not so complicated –  and even a little game – that is really complicated.

In college I am also member of the networking group for female IT students in that college – or broader maybe one day. So my question to you is:

What do you think / or expect when a woman says she is studying an IT-study?

Greetings by Sophie

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  1. What do you think or expect when a man says he rides a bicycle?

    Probably about the exact same thing as I think about a woman studying computers.

    Wish I had something a little more exciting for you. What I find interesting is your asking the question in the first place. Now that’s intriguing. What do you think when a woman says she’s studying IT?

    1. Haha well after training and a lot of practice I expect that the male cyclists outrun – oke outcycles – the female cyclists. Because mostly men are fysically stronger. Tactically maybe women can defeat the men sometimes but my prejudice is that it will probably not be by a constant average speed.

      And I am indeed asking that question, partly because of my own curiosity and also because a little questionnaire about it wil be spread among future students. Because here in The Netherlands, in my study, out of 250+ students 9 are female and a big question is how many will make it to the 2nd year. I hope I am one of them though.

      When a woman says she is studying IT I think: cool, you are probably interested in technical stuff / computers / games and so on…too. And I think she is brave to study among lots of guys.
      The prejudices are that for example ‘Psychology’ is a women’s world, most students are women. ‘Medicine’ is a 50-50 world, depends on the city where you are studying medicine. And ‘IT’ has the status of being a men’s world.

      But we live in the 21st century and even in the 20th century there were great women among IT. Such as Grace Hopper.

      I hope this answers your questions?

      Greetings by Sophie

  2. Wow! Just some comments here
    – C# is way far from being an unknown programming language. You will find tons of documentation, frameworks, course and examples. Just google for them.
    – I would expect the same than I expect from a guy who decides to study computer science. I expect the person to be curious enough to learn things by himself/herself and to enjoy what he/she does. I’ve known girls that write code, manage databases or manage network infrastructures. They’re not different from a guy who performs the same activities.

    I look forward to see posts from you sharing the knowledge!

    Happy coding!

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