January 2017 | Life of an IT student

It is nearly the end of the month so time for a little update.

November and December until 2017 started

For the past couple of years, and hopefully another 2,5 years successfully, I have been a student living in Rotterdam. And every year during the winter season, study is getting busy…or too busy… . Of course we have my birthday at the end of november, the Christmas holiday with the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and the New Year festivities. But from halfway november I have been very very busy with all sorts of things. From organizing my birthday party, little Christmas family presents, preparing a Boxing Day dinner and catching up with my social life and best friends around the New Year. But it was lots of fun in november and december.

Study was getting busier too and before I could start with all the preparations for the Christmas holiday, I had lots and lots of deadlines for assignments. And those assignments were not just only writing a documentation, not in my current study ‘Computer Science / Software Engineering’ you have to make little programs and testing sites too. That testing was new…well it still is, I am not completely used to it right now but I am making progress. And from half october on I have been working with a little team on a webshop – without using frameworks. Which means that without the help of the now available tools to work more efficient, less error-prone and code a decent website for a webshop…we have to do it all without. Like going back in time – which employer asks you nowadays to work inefficient?, not my preference anyways.


This month january started with studying and is ending and overflowing with study. I increased the time for studying for a retake, did my research again, asked help, made lots and lots of exercises, improved and passed the first part of the test! (Yes!) But now I have to study on a few more weeks to take part in a practical exam to prove I can do it…so february…you know what is ahead.

Immediately after the Christmas holiday was exam week and although I did not have exams on every day of the week, I studied every single day to improve my coding skills in preparation for the project that after the break of six weeks of lessons, the Christmas holiday and the exam week, was ready to continue. Sadly one of our very skilled team members stopped so it was a bit of reorganisation and remotivation to start strongly with the last part of our weeks-long webshop project.

Tomorrow starts the last week of the project and on thursday are already the presentations! But we did not stop, we work on and on during the weekends and evenings, less rest less sleep less free time but we hope it is worth all the effort.

As you have noticed I have not blogged a lot the past couple of days. A few things are written in concept and will be published from tomorrow on because after those energy guzzling project weeks I will be back on track to reach my goals of 2017 and live and share my happy life as a student.

A quote that motivates me:

How has your January been?

And where are you up to?

Greetings by Sophie

3 thoughts on “January 2017 | Life of an IT student

  1. Ik ben idd nog geen werkplek tegengekomen waar er geen frameworks worden gebruikt! En ook alle standaard functies in bijvoorbeeld Eclipse (voor Java) zoals “generate getters en setters” worden gewoon gebruikt (want als je dat niet allemaal zelf hoeft te typen, scheelt dat tijd en kan je meer werk gedaan krijgen). Aan de andere kant heb ik dat soort dingen op de universiteit wel gewoon getypt en dan leer je wel beter hoe alles werkt.

    1. Dank voor je reactie!

      Ja dat klopt het is wel handig om te ontdekken en te leren hoe het bij wijze van achter de frameworks werkt. Helaas kregen we alleen het onderwerp testen dat we bij project moeten toepassen, tussen de twee delen van project. Als je zoiets als vak voor de start van je project krijgt dan kan je het al meteen goed opzetten en sneller tussentests uitvoeren in plaats van je code in de laatste weken bij/herschrijven omdat je bepaalde tests moet toepassen (unit testing en integration testing). Maarja overal leer je van en leren is vooruitgang denk ik dan maar.

      Greetings by Sophie

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