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One of the best eReaders I discovered is the Kobo Aura eReader. I love reading real paper books but I love reading ebooks too. In this post I tell you why my preference of the eReader goes to the Kobo Aura eReader. Just my preference, I don’t say that other devices are bad. This eReader just fits in most of my required features an eReader should have.

My question to you is: How do you read ebooks?

Copyright 2015 Rakuten Kobo Inc.
Copyright 2015 Rakuten Kobo Inc.

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Some other facts I just want you to know. Though I have to admit, I rarely buy ebooks. Most of the time an e-book is for me a kind of test book to see if the writer is really good. Fits in my taste for some books and stories at that moment. And with an e-book you don’t have that real paper book standing on your bookshelf. That is the biggest thing I miss about it.

But there are also a lot of plusses about having ebooks. Think about they have sometimes beautiful covers and in your digital library you will have a beautiful cover library instead of the back of books sorted on a bookshelf. An e-book is cheaper than a real books. It also depends on where you are living and all the taxes. In The Netherlands we have the Law on Books that the first four months minimum the price is set and protected against going for sale.

I like this eReader because:

  • The price is good for a student
  • It is really light-weight (174g)
  • The original covers are a good protection
  • You can turn on/off the light for reading in the dark or with supported light
  • Enough space for thousands of books
  • Supports more type of files too –> I used it for PowerPoint presentations (.ppt) too during classes
  • It has WiFi, synchronization, statistics, Sudoku and chess

Most of all and most important: it reads so nice! You can adjust the font, it sizes and zoom in/out on PDF’s, .ppt’s, the light and so on. The color of the pages are not as white as on other kind of tablets. You can read and synchronize your ebooks anywhere because you can download also the applications from Kobo for iOS, Android, Windows/Mac and reading in your browser.

Oh and how does it work with gift cards or a purchase saldo? You can buy a giftcard (by credit card / PayPal / iDeal (in NL)) and send it to your own or someone else’s email. Even set the date when it should arrive in the mailbox (you can choose up to a year – sending – from purchasing). Ideal for preparing booklovers birthdays or something like that.

My question to you is: How do you read ebooks?

Have fun reading!

Greetings by Sophie

For the technical specifications about the eReader –> link

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  1. I use an iPad2 (several years old now but still very useable) for most ebooks. I can use it for Kindle, Google, or iBook plus who knows what else. I also use my MacBook laptop sometimes. I’ve even read paper books! (My favorite is the Lapham’s Quarterly journal.)

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