Life of an IT student | April 2019

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April is the first full month of Spring! The weather was a bit variously these weeks. Cold days with even some night frost and some warm days hitting the 20 degrees Celsius. In Life of an IT student | March 2019 I have been to a couple of events related to study and culture exploring. This month of April was not that different. In the beginning of the month I had some exams so I dived into code and reading about code and could not even finish a normal book. I like to read (historical) fiction and thrillers next to some code study, but my head was too occupied with all the duties for a project, study, work and sports meanwhile.

Halfway the month I was out of my ‘exam-zone’ and went to different events again. Together with the social network of women in IT called ‘Dresscode’, I visited two inspiring companies about Augmented Reality, Robotics and medical tech. Very interesting to see the behind the scenes, to have a chat with several specialists and find out behind the ideas that motivate them to work on such projects. We have visited ‘Twnkls‘ and ‘Medical X‘; both located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In the same week there was also a special ‘Science Fiction | A Journey into the unknown‘ weekend at the Kunsthal Rotterdam. A modern museum with a very nice science fiction exhibition. Until the end of June you can visit this exhibition! There are lots of objects and background stories to how fiction and science go well together, some super detailed drawings and sketches, some unique comics and magazines and some installations and suits and attributes used in films and series. Oke this was a really long sentence but it’s there all! Even a retro gaming section!

And can you guess what these are?

Later this month I visited together with the Study Association CSAR (Computer Science Association Rotterdam) the company Cofano | Software Solutions in Sliedrecht. We had a nice introduction about the workflow of the company, cases they worked on – specialised in logistic solutions – , privacy, data and even more indepth were I will write a seperate blog post about. And day ended with a Code in the Dark challenge where we had to write from memory code to get the closest result of a former Dutch social website named Hyves. It was an amazing challenge! And such a cool environment to code into, under pressure but also encouraging. It’s really workshop material to learn young adults or anyone who wants, how to code. The day ended with the first BBQ of the year with the whole company and our team.

This was our stunning sunset viewView on the Old Maas / Beneden Merwede crossing.

The month ended with the yearly birthday celebration of our King Willem Alexander on April 27th. Dresscode: orange, or red-white-blue. Headed down town that day and later on to a big electronic dance festival named Kingsland Festival at Ahoy Rotterdam. That festival was held in 5 locations at the same time, similar to The Flying Dutch concept. It was outside and the weather was a bit unpredictable but most of the time it was okayish. Halfway the evening there was a rainshower for twenty minutes but that did not stop me from enjoying the music and performance by the DJ’s. I’ll write another blog post about it.

A small look and feel of the festivel sphere


How has been your month of April?

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