Life of an IT student | August 2018

Hello readers,

Time flies! The month of August had a lot of sunshine literally and figuratively and since then everything goes with a quick flow.


August started with a new accepted challenge: working as a junior software tester at an international company. And because it was my study summer holiday, I worked a lot, getting training, getting into a work rhythm, taking part in several company events and so on. It feels like I have found the right place. Meanwhile I still hadn’t been on holiday. And work wasn’t the only challenge. I was already a bit preparing for the minor ‘Crossmedia Journalism’ I am currently following in my studies. What does it have to with my software engineering studies? Well uhm, a more unique combination? Explaining IT to a non-IT’study’ing person? Help other people by explaining stuff? And this way I am creating a combination of my previous studies with my current study and when I graduate I have a creative and technical bunch of knowledge and experience.


Summer holiday and due to the previous months, taking rest and move on with new life experiences was the highest priority. Halfway August I started looking for a nice destination for my summer holiday. Where would I go to? What would I like to visit? Many countries and their cities crossed my mind. So much on my travel list, so much on my to-do list and I still don’t call it a bucketlist. Last-minute I decided to visit London! A city way bigger than any in The Netherlands, a history that even goes back to the Roman times. The past couple of months I have watched most documentaries about Britain. ‘The Secrets of…’ series, all seasons of ‘Great British Castles’ narrated by Dan Jones, the great historian who has written wonderful detailed books about subjects such as Magna Carta and The Templars. Can’t wait for new historical series. And during my holiday and when I am travelling anyways, I am addicted to sunrises, sunsets or light-inspired photograph moments. How many airplanes are in this photo?


Last time I have been in London was over a decade ago, back in 2007 at an international music competition with the school orchestra. Three days of London and we won the Silver Award of the orchestra’s and the Spirit of London award. This time I would go for a week, the year of ‘Paddington Bear’. Who doesn’t know this lost bear from Peru with always a marmalade sandwich hidden under his hat? And of course London and the Royals and politics. There is so much culture in London, more then I expected or ever imagined. Amazing!  But I won’t tell too much about London in this blog post. Special blog posts with all my notes and experiences from this holiday will come up. A series about London, just like the series I have written about Edinburgh.

End of the month

The last preparations of the new study year were made, my house got a thorough summer clean and upgrade as I always call it. Buying some improvements for my furniture, some reorganization and some stuff to help to plan things through. Because this study year and next one combining with work, social life and some sports and keeping space for blogging and challenges. Will be a challenge to plan and to manage everything. Keeping enough rest in mind and moments to read because besides news and informational reading, I have a reading challenge ahead to finish before the end of the year. The Goodreads Reading Challenge and the Hebban Reading Challenge. Twenty-five books total and at the moment I am a bit too far behind.

How has been your month of August?

Have you been on holiday?

Greetings by Sophie

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