Life of an IT student | August 2019

Hi readers,

Time flies when you are having fun! Oke cliché but truth too! Today is the last day of August and my summer has been so far very sunny, very funny, a bit of adventure and also lots of relaxing time! Tomorrow start September and starts a new year of study. Hopefully the last full year of study.

In August my last month of work started at the company I was working as a Student Software Tester / Junior Software Tester. It was such an adventure and experience working there at a big software company that’s providing software for a super big company. And though it is big in both ways, it is also small in both ways. When you are working there, you are part of it, feels like you are surrounded with lots of kind, ambitious, genius in their own way, teamwork driven people. Feels a bit like family. A goal is not the end when achieved. Quality improving, extending and more exploring for a custom fit per client is the real thing that matters.

I am very thankful for all the colleagues I worked with and learned from, had good conversations with and also after work have had lots of fun at the foosball competition, table tennis or game nights etc. Thanks to these colleagues and this work opportunity, this work experience changed my life a bit I am very grateful for! To all of my colleagues I would say: Thanks a lot and see you again in Rotterdam or somewhere around in Europe or America some day.

August was also the month that I went on holiday with my best friend! We visited the isle of Crete for nearly two weeks. Full of sunshine, warm days, a breeze from the sea, a sunset safari, delicious food and cocktails, a sandy or pebble-stone beach, lots of reading, UNO-games and laughter! Every day was a relaxed and fun day! I’ll write a small travel series of blog posts about Crete upcoming Thursdays where I will tell more about our holiday.

Tomorrow starts September and a new study year starts as well and I start with my full time graduation internship at a company. I am looking forward to this new challenge in life and I am curious for how it will develop.

In my free time I will still do one of my hobbies, social life and continue blogging as well as making videos for my new YouTube Channel and posting regularly on this blog and the Instagram channels.
Have you seen already my new YouTube channel introduction?

I also made some preparations for my blog posts and the belonging Instagram channels:; sophiestech; and the new YouTube channel Sophie’s Blog. More about my YouTube Channel can be found in the blog post about it: Sophie’s Blog | YouTube Channel Introduction . My purpose is short videos about coding and gaming.

Now the study year 2018 – 2019 really has come to an end. A full list of the past year, my previous recaps of months in Life of an IT student series:

How has been your summer of 2019?

Greetings by Sophie

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