Life of an IT student | December 2019

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It is a cliché but wow time flies when you are busy and when you are having fun too. December is a month full of festivities all around the world. My world of festivities was a bit narrowed down to the daily internship, and a celebration of Christmas with family, friends and colleagues.

December Weather

Also December was full of weird non-snowy-Christmas weather conditions. The temperature was nearly twice as high as normal* according to the Dutch weatherstation KNMI. And it was now and then so cloudly that no rays of sunshine came through for a whole day. *temperatures since four decades (1981-2020); source: KNMI December 2019

The graphs of the month of December 2019 to give you a more clear idea of the weather:

Climate Change

Climate change is a very important subject and the past couple of months there were now and then strikes by students and others because they worry about the climate change. Greta Thunberg is an example of a person who dares to speak aloud about the problem and tries to let her voice be heard. She uses conversations instead of money. She creates awareness instead of money valuable profits.

I still do not have a clear opinion myself about the climate change. I am used to one climate and there are several in the world so I always think first: it is a matter of perspective. But my second thoughts are always: There are some things that are a threat to every type of liveable climate in the world. And how to tackle that? I do not know the solution. But like every culture, every person has habits. So maybe start with making a change in your own household and try to embrace it in your own habit.

For example: Waste less, reuse more, be aware of how it’s made, what it costs (not only money) or how it can be most efficiently used. When a habit of one or more persons change into something more pro natural climate, the workhabits, the workethics and businesses change with them. Even if you find it hard to embrace it all in your habit(s), I do; every step big or small is a step towards a better natural climate world.

Christmas Pinterest

I did not post something on Instagram during this month so no Instagram post embedded this time. But I love to share my Pinterest Christmas board.

How has been your month of December 2019?

Greetings by Sophie

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