Life of an IT student | February 2019

Hi readers,

The month February of this year has been already weeks ago but nonetheless hereby a short recap of that month. Life of an IT Student | January 2019 was so busy…

The first semester of the 2018/2019 year of study has passed and February kicks-off with the start of a new semester and another minor! This semester and the minor I chose are focused on more in-depth knowledge about a subject. I chose the Minor Data Engineering to learn more about the research and quality of data and how to create a product that covers as close as possible the best quality for data.

Data Quadrants
Data Quadrants, small version from I-Refact on a bag.

The website of the minor: Minor Data Engineering
The Kiesopmaat description: Kiesopmaat Minor Data Engineering

The minor provides also many guest lectures from experts working in the field and I learned already so much! I’ll write separate blog posts of my notes to explain parts of the data quadrants.

Besides study and work I was also busy with photography. Giving more meaning to the blog posts I write, the stuff I like and tell about it and practice photography in general. I also redesigned the blog a bit and well… ‘blog-refurnishing’ seems to be ‘Spring project’ every year.

This month I also started with sports again and not yet consequently with the food challenge. Maybe that will be a challenge for the month of May. And I keep on planning, reading, some creativity and coding next to study and work.

How’s been your month February?

Already sticked / completed a New Year resolution?

Greetings by Sophie

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