Life of an IT student | June 2019

Hello readers,
The month of June was the stormly month! Lots of deadlines, the final sprints for lots of ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, also known as European Study Points) and so on.
The weather was fine, not too hot not chilly as well so just average. Why do I care about the weather? Well… because of my warmth allergy it is a thing I have to live every day with. And when the weather is just average, let’s say between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius, then I feel most comfortable and then I don’t need to adjust my clothing style too much to fit the weather while traveling or working or sports or just a city hike.

The month started with some study study and study. Preparation stuff for my graduation internship, so I accepted a new challenge! Preparation stuff for the start of my first driving lessons and I also started sports again at the gym!

I am trying to find a rhythm where a healthy lifestyle with a couple of times a week sports in the gym, every day walking, a couple of days a week work, study, a social life and a blog fits. And I love to travel or (re)visit places because there is always something to experience or that happens that you didn’t experience or it did not happen before.

Halfway the month I started with my first driving lessons! 🙂 Whoohoo I so much like it! But I keep saying: do not hit the road while I am driving; saves us both some (difficult) traffic situations right ;)? I have my driving lessons during the week on different timings so I learn how to drive during morning rush hour, afternoon rush hour, quiet lunchtimes and so on. Rotterdam is in that way an interesting city to drive through because there is always something happening. Other drivers not watching at all or being bold or cyclist not showing which direction they’re going or children that are not aware of danger in a busy shopping and crossing the road. Or children are very aware of it, and are looking if they can cross the road, and then their dad is not looking at all… Or cyclists or other drivers calling meanhwile…. It is now, since the 1st of July forbidden to hold your phone in The Netherlands while cycling. It was already forbidden for driving.

Halfway of June I have been with my deer family to the 50th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam 2019. It was so inspiring! And lots of colleagues (volunteering events) and acquintances were there too and it was held at venue De Doelen which holds a lot of memories of my youth. The festival was very diverse! Poetry, slam poetry, music poetry, poetry dance, workshops, videos, good special food (tápas) and of course lots of books poetry albums too!

You can find the videos of the festival days on YouTube, published by the channel Poetry International. We have been there every day, some just parts and some full afternoon and evenings

A video about the opening of the Poetry International, all poets and all their opening poems guided by the Metropole Orkest:

My family’s and mine ten favorite poets with their performance and poems of the festival are:

There is another blog post in concept about this golden edition of the Poetry International Festival 2019 in Rotterdam.

So in short I have not much news further more about June because the end-deadlines of study were in the first half of July… so this trying-to-get-a-rhythm just rolls into the month of July.

I think back a lot though about the adventures I undertake and the precious and special moments they have. As a mid-twenty-years old student I am shaping my life and what I do now, means for a lot how I will live my life later. What I enjoy most, what I regret, how strong I am to cope with setbacks and find what gives you strength always and where to fight for and what to let go. Because you can not fight everything that goes wrong now and then, sometimes it is out of reach. But even if you are powerless in such a situation, you can think about solutions and learn how to cope with stuff so don’t have to fight or regret it for not fixing it, but you can use a solution you thought of. Because there is always another positive way. And there is always something positive in every solution.

Nowadays, since the beginning of June, I am also watching a lot of bookvlogs on YouTube and other stuff related to books and tech. So if you have a bookvlog or bookblog or something about tech, or have some advise what to watch next? Please leave a comment 🙂

Do you have an advice what to watch next on YouTube or Netflix or so?

How has been your month of June?

Greetings by Sophie

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