Life of an IT student | March 2019

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The month of March, the month of the start springtime was an exciting month! In Life of an IT student | February I mentioned that I redesigned my blog and that I am busy with the content and some changes with it. My goal: to make it slightly more crossmedia! A lot of work to do all by myself, but it’s a nice thing to try and I’ll reflect on it at the end of the year.

This month had a couple of events, meeting and happenings. It kicked-off with the cultural festival in the southern parts of The Netherlands named Carnaval. Cities in different colors and for a couple of days different leaders. Hereby a photo of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Maastricht in it’s Carnaval city colours: Red – Yellow – Green

One week later I participated as a student in a testcase for lecturers. A workshop to have a better mutual understanding between the lecturer and the student. What does the lecturer think about his/her approach in teaching? How does the student interpret it? What do we both value? And this also included testing several example cases. The example cases were all from real life experiences from the lecturers and now I am more aware of how teaching can be. Now and then it is lots of fun and other times it is a challenge or even a real tough struggle.

Halway the month of March I’ve been to the first Future Tech event – the IT conference for Microsoft Technologies – and it was só amazing! Visited several talks which also included demos of the stuff the person was talking about and also showed some cases.

There was also a more general future tech talk about the facts of different gadgets. Every aspect and my opinion about it can be read in the blogpost about the Future Tech event: Future Tech 2019 Event

A week later I visited a talk by Peter Vandermeersch. (Chief editor of the newspaper/multimedia NRC (Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant). He gave a very inspiring talk about the future of journalism and vice versa. Hosted by the Bibliotheek Rotterdam (Rotterdam Library) and afterwards there was plenty of time for questions and the answers to those added value to the talk! An Q&A is also published by the newspaper: Q&A Peter Vandermeersch

“Super cool and inspiring talk visited by Peter Vandermeersch @pvdmeersch about journalism of the future and vice versa. People, data, algorithms and perspectives. Local, regional or (inter)national. We are all human and journalism as/is the theme of the dialog”

At the end fo the month I also started with a new – additional – Instagram: @sophiestech

Welcome to my additional Instagram next to and my personal one. I choose to start with this @sophiestech one to – while I preferably combine it – to make a clearer distinction in what is tech or code or facts related (@sophiestech) and what is book or hobby or other interests related ( Lots of people I know have affinity with code or books, but having affinity with both is rare. Now both Instagrams are an addition to my blog here and this way I try to make my blog slightly more crossmedia. Follow what you like!

What spontaneous ideas can result into…

Do you have an Instagram account beside your personal one?

Greetings by Sophie

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