Life of an IT student | March and April 2018

Hello readers,

March 2018

March was focused on the exams of study and at the end of the month it was Easter! But inbetween I have been to a special museum night at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam with the exhibition theme ‘High Society‘. It was a really special evening with lots of portraits, stories and a walkaround at the museum. Together with a good photographer I have been to this special event and we ended our tour with visiting the well-known ‘The Nightwatch‘, painted by Rembrandt van Rijn. There were just a few people walking around in that wing too, so we had plenty of time to look at it and the other surrounding paintings. What a beauties and what a beautiful wing too with all the bright colors and details! I had not seen it yet since the museum was restored.

April 2018

It feels like I have time travelled a few weeks and skipped a few days. Life as a student has been busy, as usual, but the last couple of weeks between Easter and the first week of May – yes that is circa a full month – have been a rollercoaster full of closeby extremes.

In study I got a few more results back of the exam weeks I have had, nice :). And I arrived at the last few weeks of my internship. Writing code and code and code I have been literally doing every day, haven’t even written any blog post or word document inbetween. Writing a lot of code means also discovering some errors, trying to solve them and success or fail at the end of the day. Luckily there is always another tomorrow if I could not solve it immediately. And I have learned already so much at my internship! I still have to clarify everything and just make a list of the full workproces for the final internship report.

The next couple of weeks, until the beginning of June, will be more or less the same: code code and code.

In april I have been also participating at the Data Driven Challenge organised by one of my teachers and the KNVI (Royal Dutch Society of Information person). Together with my team Grofgemalen { } we designed a system to be more efficient with the available data and combining it with weather conditions for better predictions and making ad hoc actions possible.

I had the opportunity to pitch twice and I am very thankful to my team for these amazing chances and experience.

The result: we have won the Data Driven Challenge of 2018!

See the full story on LinkedIn:

The end of the month is celebrated with a trip to my brother to celebrate his new job – really proud sister over here. And the month ended with the typical Dutch Kingsday! Family, friends and some nice music made it a happy friday.

The weather in The Netherlands…that were extremes but I am glad spring has finally really started.

How has been your start of spring?

Greetings by Sophie

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