Life of an IT student | May 2019

Hi readers,
The month of May was an exciting month! And also a month that feels like ‘calm before the storm’ because next month will be so extremely busy! Classic, but the weather was still a bit various. Now and then it looked like the month of March and now and then it felt finally like a summer breeze in the month of May.

The month of May started with a week-off of study, a small holiday. And a few project and assignments are in progress next to work and some selfstudy and a bit of social life and arranging stuff for my graduation year next year. So yeah it did not feel like a holiday, felt more like an extended weekend of which I could finally enjoy two days as a normal weekend.

So how did things go the first half of the month? Well, I set things into motion and this will mean an incredible busy end of June when all dates for deadlines and deliverables will be there. And for a nice graduation year without too much worries in life, I have to deliver at the end of the month of June and pass as much as possible and prepare already for the summer as much as possible. Because the summer holiday will consists of selfstudy, driving lessons and blogging. And a holiday will take place too and then I’ll be off for a couple of days.

Half way the month a dear best friend and I went to Ouwehands Dierenpark as a birthday gift from her and we finally saw pandas! In real life in The Netherlands. And they were so energetic! There is a male panda named Xing Ya and a female panda named Wu Wen. They both have their own living area. A playground with a bit of hills inside and outside and it looks like a luxurious palace for a panda. Food is everywhere! In the few hours we were there, they were walking, running, climbing, eating, chilling, sleeping and repeat. A lot more than just “Eat, sleep, jolly around, repeat”.
It was a wonderful day I will cherish! Life of a panda, it’s character, it is a marvelous animal! Hereby a video of the first year of the pandas Xing Ya and Wu Wen in Ouwehands Dierenpark, The Netherlands.

This summer I will write a special blog post dedicated to the panda! With facts, figures, particularities throughout the world and what the panda means to me, a very important metaphor in my life. Hereby a snowy video where the pandas enjoy the winter.

Last but not least a video of Wu Wen being playful, doing head rolls and running and just making fun.

Oke enough panda, I will save the rest for the big panda blog post!

The end of the month was more or less the same as the beginning of the month. Things set into motion and keeping things in progress. And if everything succeed at the end of June, some nice challenges will start next study year and I am really looking forward to it! Can’t literally wait to start! But oke… recharge and skills improving first during the summer holiday!

And last and least of the month but not less than amazing: I visited spontaneously the first Marco Borsato – famous Dutch singer – concert in De Kuip – famous football stadium – since years! It was amazing! A few photo’s with captions for a few impressions. I hope a DVD will come out of this concert because it had one of the best visuals I have ever seen in a concert!

My favorite photo in blue of the evening
The aftermovie of his concert series in De Kuip anno 2019!
A full stadium! And nice bright weather! It was amazing! No single drop of rain ๐Ÿ™‚
‘Hoe Het Danst’ the new song from Marco Borsato, Davina Michelle, Armin van Buuren and John Ewbank! The video from De Kuip.

How has been your month of May?
Did / do you go to a concert anno 2019?
Which ones? Maybe I’ll see you there!

Greetings by Sophie

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