Life of an IT student | November 2018

Hello readers,

The month of November was a busy month for study, a normal month for work and the last day of this month is always my birthday! 🙂

The beginning of the month started with a theory exam for the minor ‘Crossmedia Journalism’. An exam about the basics of journalism, thinkers, media in several ways and crossmedia. Nearly the psychology of very interesting!

Another task was to do something original, different, or challenging to present eight journalism pieces you had to write. Several journalism genres ‘passed the revue’. Such as a profile, several interview, an analysis about Instagram feed and the 6 key factors, a behind-the scenes, a review of ‘Babe you got this’ and a live blog of a hockeymatch I’ve seen real life this summer at the Champions Trophy in Breda.

Are you curious for my personal own created magazine with my view and interests in several subjects? It is completely in Dutch… I am curious though for your view on this magazine 🙂 Please leave a comment or note with any advice for it :). Please do not share this file further except for when you have my written permission.

Portfolio Magazine – Sophie van den Akker – blog-version-2018

.NET Core application exam

For my regular study I had an exam about writing an application in .NET Core. I passed the theory and for the practicum exam I had to download an exam package and run and debug it to solve the ‘problems’ in the application. Sadly enough I discovered an error which had never occurred to me before: I couldn’t debug the application because I installed .NET Core 2.1 and the application was written and only debuggable by .NET Core 2.0 or lower. I didn’t know how – or the exact commands – to downgrade the software and was not allowed to search for a solution on the internet So everything by head and some assumptions I couldn’t check. Next time I’ll be prepared with a sheet with instructions on how to downgrade or upgrade to meet the package requirements of the teacher.

After my exam period I had several meetings, presentations and stuff to do for the different projects that are going on related to the minor Crossmedia Journalism. Excited for the final sprints in January 2019! Curious for the results of the teamwork and if we accomplish fully what we would love to achieve.


At the end of the month it was my birthday! Yeey still a twenty-something :). Very thankful for the kind birthday wishes from colleagues at work and with family and a couple of friends I had a lovely dinner and a bowling evening with a couple of drinks. Loved the day!

How has been your November month?

Greetings by Sophie

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