Life of an IT student | October 2019

Hi readers,

In my previous blogpost Life of an IT student | Graduation Internship Thesis Road I have written about my graduation internship. Or more like the road of it. In this monthly blog post I write this time about everything else that happened in October 2019. Curious? Life is not only about the internship though it feels like that every day.

At the beginning of October I have been to a factory of fruit and vegetable sorting machines, really cool the behind the scenes and the development stories. Scanning, photography, something like x-rays… different types of measuring a product. It is part of my thesis research but it is also a special experience so therefor I mention it.

And then suddenly it was already halfway the month and after a driving lesson I went to the 100% Autolive event at Ahoy Rotterdam. There were lots and lots of cars and a couple of motorcycles. So many tuned versions of normal cars as well and some super cars and race cars. I photographed my favourites and had a lovely afternoon. Maybe one day somewhere in the future I will tune my car as well.

One of my favourite cars is the Mercedes Benz SLC 43 AMG

Facts of the Mercedes SLC 43 AMG model type:
• Sport seats
• Sports steering wheel
• Automatic shift paddles
• 18-inch AMG light-alloy wheels
• V6 cilinders
• 367 HP (PK)
• 0-100 kmh in 4,7 seconds
• Topspeed 250

On Instagram photo @ sophie.vda / @

The Mercedes Benz C63R is also one of my favourits of that day. Has quite some similarities with the above mentioned car but it is a different model and a different, more sports type, car.

Photo by the owner on Instagram @ C63R_Edition1

The end of October I started reading the biography about Kimi Räikkönen, finished it not yet that month. I also had a family birthday and some dinner at our favourite Italian. And I photographed some sunsets, early Christmas lights decorations and a Christmas tree. And I have been to the ICT & Logistiek exhibition and congress at Jaarbeurs Utrecht. This was also part of my thesis research. Very interesting talks and new developments.

How has been your month of October 2019?

Greetings by Sophie

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