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From a very warm and sunny summer to a cloudly grey, rainy and summer hiccups month of September. The new study year 2019 – 2020 started and the season changed from summer to autumn. According to our annual calendar. Leaves are slowly starting to change colors, trees are becoming bare and their chestnuts fall. The start of autumn but during this month it will not be in its full blossom of autumn colors and dried leaves shapes.

Every day I go to my internship location(s) by bike, by step, by metro or by train and a few km walking daily. Multiple locations? Yes, though it is one graduation internship, it is a real life current thing I am researching to find a solution and contribute by creating a prototype for that solution. By the help of a software company, I am graduating at, researching a solution for another company which is one of their clients. I feel honored that I am given this chance to do as a graduation internship. It is researching a lot, sparring a lot, concluding a lot and in the end I deliver a research paper accompanied by a prototype of a piece of a bigger solution.

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This study year 2019 – 2020 I hope to graduate for my Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering. After years of studying, also different studies, I finally hope to finish this one I am most proud of. I like this study! That you learn how to code, how to tackle issues, how to solve literally problems or give more in-depth insights in data and stuff. Puzzling all day! Give meaning to data so it turns into information and how to verify and validate what the information stands for. Less discussion to what fits everybody’s taste and likes an dislikes. More teamwork to find a solution that solves the problem and fits every requirement at least. And on top of that a taste as in design e.g. can be applied.

So this month September 2019 I started with my graduation internship and I have had very inspiring weeks full of information, meeting new people and the first part of challenging my research. I can not and will not write about the real purpose of the research and further information because I will not identify nor give specifications about my research. But I can in general describe what it is about.

In the field of healthy food, I am looking into machines their data and see if Artificial Intelligence can be possibly applied, and how, and if it will be a future thing in this field of healthy food. Validating and verifying the data and researching if maybe Machine Learning can be applied as a specific field of Artificial Intelligence. That’s in general where my research is about. Sounds somewhat simplistic or a very logical route or an expectation that machines already have the – option to – apply a form of Artificial Intelligence. But every fruit or vegetable or grain e.g. has their own characteristics that influences the state of the product and what a machine needs to know; or what you as a user of the product needs to know. And time is a very important aspect. Things change over time especially living products – consisting or living organisms – such as fruit, vegetables or plants. So this is my big challenge for my graduation internship and I hope to finish my internship in February 2020. A few challenging, tough and very busy months to go!

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My free time is less than expected or anticipated. I always want to do my very best and get the max out of a challenge, such as my research. Though it is expected to have a work-life schedule, in 5 days a week making 40 hours a week and have the weekend off; I continue most of the days thinking about my research during the evenings or weekends. Now and then even continue working on it or gathering information.

Though I could also spend this extra time in the evenings and weekends differently. Take some rest – because you get really tired of those extra evenings or a weekend day without shutting the thinking of it off for a while. If I can shutoff my research thinking for the weekends and the evenings, I can spend my time also with some extra non-study reading or do one of my creative projects and so on. Blogging more often at least and spending time on photography in the zoo and the city, creating videos and making some accessories or jewelry. Creating a more healthy lifestyle and my family and dear friends are first in my free time.

How do or did you spend your free time next to your graduation internship?

In this month the new study year 2019 – 2020 started. Interested in reading how my past year went? A full list of the past year, my previous recaps of months in Life of an IT student series:

How has been your start of this study year 2019 – 2020?

Greetings by Sophie

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