Moddi – House by the Sea

Moddi – House by the Sea

This song was played during ISFiT 2015, a beautiful song with meaningful lyrics.

Who is Moddi?

Moddi is a Norwegian artist and his full name is Pål Moddi Knutsen. He is better known just as ‘Moddi’. He is talentful musician who plays the guitar, sings bilingual (Norwegian and English), played trumpet, piano ánd plays the accordion.  Moddi is at the moment 28 years young and all the music he learnt to play is self-taught. He choses the accordion and the guitar as his main guiding instruments in addition to his singing. Or it sometimes the other way round, then singing is the addition to the music played on one of his instruments.

Moddi grew up on the island Senja in northern Norway. It is near Tromsø, really northern Norway where you at some good days a year can spot the ‘aurora borealis’ (northern lights). He started playing music publicly when he was 18 years old and gave a little concert with the accordion of his mother.

The steady musician

His fangroup grows gradually throughout the years, this makes him in my opinion a steady musician of who we will hear more and more the next couple of years. He is not a come and go artist who is popular busy and then suddenly way more quiet. He is a steady musician and has released an album or  EP every single year since 2007. And he is not predictable, every song could be so different from the other. It’s every time a surprise!

His new album TBA is coming up in 2016!

I hope you liked his song ‘House by the Sea’ and maybe you like some other songs too. Enjoy listening!

You can find Moddi’s music on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify and he has his own blog at

Greetings by Sophie

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