Mother’s Day 2016

Today is a very sunny sunday in The Netherlands ánd it is Mother’s Day. So treat you’re mum as a special person today because today we all stand still by our appreciation for our mother who gave birth to us, helps us in life and so on. I like that Mother’s Day is worldwide and not religious bound.

Have you a special present for your mother?
Or are you a mother and did you receive a special present?

I am happy it is a sunny very warm sunday, feels like summer. And the Giro D’Italia 2016 is this weekend happening elsewhere in The Netherlands. From Nijmegen (biggest and oldest city in the province of Gelderland) to Arnhem (the capital of the province of Gelderland) today. Yesterday was the route the other way round. Though the distance is short between those two cities, the organisation of the Giro D’Italia have made a nice route of approximately 190km. Through several provinces and even through Germany a little bit.

Tomorrow my little ‘May Holiday’ is over and college starts again. The final trimester of the year. I am looking forward to it. To master the basics and a bit advanced of the programming language C#, to master the basics of social media and how to use it. Auto (car) technology and to be environmentally conscious.

Have a nice sunny sunday!

Greetings by Sophie


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