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The Choir of Man (2018)

In my view

My music taste is diverse and most of the time I like the original artists versions more than the covers made by others. Except for a few. I like coverbands, choirs and combinations. As long as they add some depth to the original music, give it their own authentic swing, or make it more minimalistic if that makes it more original to the coversong. The bottomline is: If I really like a coverband, a choir or a combination… the song or the album sticks with me. This happened a couple of years ago at my journey to Edingburgh when I heard for the first time of ‘The Choir of Man’. I heard the song ‘Some Nights’ in a cafe and that song sticked with me the rest of the night. Later on I searched it on YouTube and discovered their video clip of this particular song. Amazingly positive!

The Choir of Man are since the 1st of October 2022 back on stage at the Arts Theatre in London. They have previously performed also a couple of times at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. And back in 2018 they have recorded an album with their most famous coversongs. To go to their performance is still on my wish list so this blog post is mostly about the album.


The stories behind the songs are quite diverse since the artists they cover are quite diverse too. The artists they cover change from Queen of the 70s (seventies), the Red Hot Chilli Peppers of the nineties to 90s (nineties) and AVICII, Katy Perry and Sia of the 2010s and many more artists are covered by The Choir of Man. In the theatre show, and a bit on this album, each person has a story to tell, or better: a story to tell by singing about it. That is where these songs are perfect for. You probably recognise one or more of them.


The Choir of Man consists currently next to 13 singers also of a drummer, a guitarist, a violinist and a bassist. They perform live and make their own café version of the songs they cover. For the theatre performance is also a creative team behind the scenes active of another 12 creatives. So it is not totally acapella. But it gives you quite an acapella idea/feeling when you are watching their videos, listening to their music or see them perform.


Spotify Playlist

The official spotify playlist

The Choir of Man (2018) album on Spotify

Album facts:

Title: The Choir of Man
Artist: The Choir of Man
Genre: Musical
Style: Pop
Label: [unknown]
Format: CD (sold out) / Stream
Country: United Kingdom
Released: 2018

List of the songs

Can you guess who is the original artist of each song?

  • Save Tonight / Wake Me Up
  • The Impossible Dream
  • Teenage Dream
  • Hello
  • Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
  • 500 Miles
  • Under The Bridge
  • Chandelier
  • Some Nights
  • Waterloo Sunset
  • You’re the Voice
  • The Parting Glass
  • Bring Tomorrow On

The Choir of Man now back in the theatre in London!

The Choir of Man has received in 2022 a nomination for the Olivier Award for Best Entertainment of Comedy Play. I am very curious for their live performance! But meanwhile…

Enjoy listening to this album!



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