My November Birthday Weekend!

Last weekend I celebrated in small my birthday! And mostly digital. The last day of November is originally my birthday, November 30th and it was this year on a Monday again. I am born on a Monday so can you guess my age? Still a twenty-something :).

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I love to do something on or around my birthday. So this year I went for a morning photography walk to the the zoo to watch the new panda cub Fan Xing at Ouwehands Dierentuin (Ouwehands Zoo). So lovely! We bought tickets for the first opportunity in the morning and had a clear distancing route throughout the zoo. It was so well organised including buying a hot coco along the way because it was freezingly cold. A couple of animal habitats were under construction for improvement, moving or closed due to distance issues.

In the zoo I photographed this snow owl, who really looks like Harry Potter’s Hedwig. I created of it my birthday post on Instagram. Do you like it?

All in all it was a really beautiful day and I am glad I could experience it for my birthday as an exception. Because most of the time this year we have to stay home and stay in our own little bubbles. Which is a must for our worldwide healthcare and which is fine of course. Sometimes it is hard to stay at home for such a long time in a row and to do only the most necessary things. I’m glad I had the opportunity to create new memories with the little zoo experience to gain strength from and now stay at home again for weeks during the festive holidays. But I’m not alone and thankful for my few small bubbles.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay little bubbled, stay happy, stay home!

Loves from Sophie

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