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Hi readers,

The last couple of months an idea was slumbering in my head to bring together my two types of interest: creativity and technology.


Since a couple of years I am blogging on my blog called Sophie’s Blog. This blog is focusing on books, films and series reviews and I created Sophie’s Tech meanwhile too. That blog is focusing on code, games and gadgets. The distinction of my two interests meant also: two blogs to maintain, two accounts on the socials etcetera… As you can imaging that was a bit of double work. And it felt like splitting myself in two. Dividing my two interests, dividing my follows and followers and making it hard to decide what to write where and in which form. The need to combine my two interests – instead of keeping them separate – was growing.

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New Home

So I created ‘Sophie’s Creative’. Which will continue my blog posts for Sophie’s Blog & Sophie’s Tech and the stuff I create and will create.

As you can see I also have this new domain: as the home web for this combination of creative and tech.
And I’ve got a new e-mail address for my blog:
So if you would like to send me a message: fill in the contact form or send me an email.

The socials aren’t the same either. I love to test socials and try them out, private or for the blog. And though I love that, I try to reduce the amount for this year because maintaining them all does not fit in my work-life-social balance right now.

The current main socials for my blog are:

Of some, such as YouTube and Twitter, the history of my previous blogs names can be found as well as publications. Recycling socials by renaming.

Some personal socials I use:

  • LinkedIn: personal, my name
  • Goodreads: Sophie | Sophie’s Creative @sophiescreative
  • Hebban: Sophie’s Creative @sophies-blog
  • Steam @SapphireSophie
  • Playstation @SapphireSophie

The ones I set on pause right now:

  • Codepen
  • Github
  • Dribble
  • Facebook

New Design

To empower the combination and help me stick to it, I created a new logo and a new design with my favorite font and one of my favorite colors:

This square image, also posted on Instagram, represents the complete idea of combining both interests.
Copyright by: Sophie’s Creative / Sophie van den Akker

Not every color is represented in the above image, but the other blue-like colors you have found it here already on the blog.

New Style

This will mean that for this year and maybe for a longer future this blog will contain blog posts related to books, films, series, code, games, gadgets and about the lifestyle I live and/or like. I hope by the end of this year 2022 that I am glad I made the change to finally combine both interests at one place and the stuff I create. It’s not gonna be easy to combine both interests and keep it interesting for you readers who relate to one or both of the interests. Inspired by David Attenborough, Stephen Hawking and many scientists who lived on this world before, I take the challenge to unite the interests and the communities and search for the strength of both.

Hope you like the new style
and the combination of both interests!

Loves from Sophie

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