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The planner for your study success! The Notion Template you need to become a pro study planner!

It is a first! I have created a Notion Template that I call ‘The Online University Planner’. Why? Because this summer I decided to start a new studies: Digital Business. It is completely online at the International University of Applied Sciences and to help me get through it I have created a Notion Template that I call ‘The Online University Planner’. Which you can now buy too! My first digital available product!

The Online University Template
Online and offline!
Keep track of your courses.
Keep track of your study progress.
Keep all your notes together.
Keep your summary closeby.
A Notion template you need while studying.

– Sophie van den Akker
Sophie’s Creative

For some indepth explanation I have created a YouTube video.
For that YouTube video I:

  • Recorded the template walkthrough
  • Have written the script for the video/walkthrough
  • Edited the video with a begin an end
  • Edited the middle part of the video to keep ontopic and quite detailed and to the point
  • Made sure the subtitles of the video align by correcting

You can now watch the result of that video:

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The Basics
Title: The Online University Planner – A Notion Template
Genre: Planners Template
Developer: Sophie’s Creative Template
Publisher: Sophie’s Creative
Release Year: 2023
Platform: Notion

You can buy the planner now on this blog! Visit the Shop page in the menu.

Enjoy planning and studying!

Loves from Sophie

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