November Update

The november update

And tomorrow is my birthday! Yeey

The wintertime is set last month and this month is as usual…the most busiest time of the year, the ‘inbetween’ of the first university semester of this year.

Next month will be The most wonderful time of the year because of the Christmas holiday and all the family and friends festivities.

This month november I am, and have been, so busy with lots of activities such as working on a project, making big assignments for study and extra curricular stuff such as working for Dresscode and celebrating already my birthday this weekend (my birthday is officially tomorrow).

All this stuff and events gives some nice inspiration for lots of blog posts.

I have to be selective – for now – as well because I have so many things to blog about.

My week of blog posts has a structure that looks like this:

  • Monday = Book review day – or related
  • Tuesday = Category day (see list of categories in the menu)
  • Wednesday = Series review day – or related
  • Thursday = Category day
  • Friday = Film review day – or related
  • Saturday = YouTube video / Pinterest / Recipe (can also be on a category day)
  • Sunday = Sunday’s Quote

Do you have a preference of a subject where I should blog about?

I hope you are looking forward too to my blog posts and it will be a surprise what is coming up.

Greetings by Sophie

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