Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro

The Olympic Games of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro have begun!

As a amateur sport athlete and student with a summer break I love to watch The Olympic Games and the different sports. My favourite sport athletes are – obviously – most other Dutchies and some other internationals as well. Go TeamNL! The Olympic Games 2016 take place from the 5th of August until the 21st of August. And from the 7th of September until the 18th of September The Paralympic Games take place in Rio de Janeiro.

Four years ago I finished my first year of my studies Media & Entertainment Management. And this year I finished my first year of my studies Computer Science. And during the summer break The Olympic Games 2012 of London started. This year it all takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. A place I have never been in a continent I have never been. South-America where at the time it is winter with a temperature around 20 degrees Celsius. Great temperature for most sports!

The Olympic Games are lovely because of many sports come together and each sport has a short competition to see who is the winner of the gold, silver or bronze medals. And all those sports are competing by the medal count for countries as well. So many different cultures come together. More than 200 nations are participant in The Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro. They are all member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The upcoming weeks (The Paralympic Games included) I’ll write about the successes from my favourite athletes or interesting things that happen at the Olympic Games. It is highly impossible to watch everything and I am dependent of the Dutch television, Belgian primary television, German primary television or The United Kingdom primary television. Statistics are fun and easy to explain as well as lists and facts. I will write in that style and do some research for every blog post.

Where do you watch The Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro?

Greetings by Sophie

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