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On this day, twenty years ago, Princess Diana the Princess of Wales died in a tragic car accident in Paris, France. The past couple of days I have watched several documentaries about her life. So this is a little tribute blog post. Many people say something about it, about her inspiration for others, about her life, about her happy and unhappiness and about their morning after the dreadful message. At the time she died I was 4,5 years old, being a little girl. So from my personal experience I have not much to say about it. Lots has been said, written, filmed, interviewed and photographed. I can just say: I can imagine a bit the effect of her character of love, empathy and helping others above your own, had upon people all around the world. And showing that if you have a sort of influence, power, position to do great things … than you have the possibility to help others in a great way. If your character allows it. Diana Spencer’s character did. Diana Spencer, the People’s Princess.

In this Pinterest blog post I share five – to me inspiring as a woman growing up – photographs of Diana Spencer.

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