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Are you curious for which series I am currently watching on Netflix?

On Wednesday I write about series. A series review or stuff related to series. To finish a series takes a lot of time, watching a lot of episodes and now and then it is more than others. A series can differ from two episodes in a season to twenty-three episodes in a season. Often a long documentary is split into multiple parts, for example two or three. But it is still a documentary because it is informative and made once without enlarging it every now and then. When a series has four or more episodes, I see it a real series. Not a documentary; independent of the category or subject.

Top Five Today

Hereby the five series I recently watch on Netflix. The posters gathered on my Pinterest.

The most royal series and therefore now one of my favorites. And oh the English accents, for a non-native English speaker / writer.
Year start: 2016 | Seasons: 2 | Categories: Drama, History

A story about a – partly criminal – family living in Birmingham in the 1918’s. Just after the war. Interesting subject and point of view during that decade.
Year start: 2013 | Seasons: 5 | Categories: Crime, Drama

What I like most about the series is that you can rarely predict the happenings, plot twists, change of characters and so on.
Year start: 2009 | Seasons: 8 | Categories: Drama, Fantasy, Horror.

If you have visited once – or plan to visit – one of the biggest in the history of Britain castles … this series is a nice addition of information and views of the territory and areas of the castle.
Year start: 2015 | Seasons: 2 | Categories: Documentary, History

Because of the combination of technology, the graphics and the fantasy futuristic story, I like this series a lot! A nice new Star Trek series. If you have seen none, one, two or even all of the films of Star Trek… this series is for everybody who loves a bit of technology and fantasy. You do not need prior to this series the knowledge of all the films and stuff… you can just start with this series as an independent series.
Year start: 2017 | Seasons: 1 | Category: Science-Fiction

 Which Series do you watch?

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