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My book review of “Panic in Prinsenland” written by Ben de Raaf

Title:  Panic in Prinsenland [EN] / Paniek in Prinsenland [NL]
Author: Ben de Raaf
Genre: Youth
NUR: 280 – Fiction – Youth general – 12+
Publisher: Uitgeverij Mes
Year 1st edition & read edition: 2004
Year read: 2014
Original title & language: Paniek in Prinsenland [NL]
Read language: Dutch
Pages: 189
Places: Rotterdam
Rating: 4 / 5
Series sequel: #2

You can find my review about the first book of the series here –> Politieserie | Murder in Ommoord. Recommended to read that review before reading the reviews of the sequels.

I hope you like the book too. It is worth to read it! I am not telling about the story too much– never do in my book reviews – you have to read the book yourself and make your own opinion. 

In my view…

The story of this sequel starts exciting. In a peaceful neighbourhood a house explodes. Suddenly. Roel hurries to the neighbourhood because his girlfriend Ingrid lives opposite the building that exploded. Prinsenland is a neighbourhood at the edge of Rotterdam.

Besides the investigation of the explosion, Roel is getting older and is allowed to help the police now and then. Sadly a job like that means also that it can sometimes cross your private life. When Roel is taking Ingrid out for dinner, something crosses his life while he is not an official police officer yet. This makes the book quite exciting and let the young readers realize how the private life of a police officer can not always be private. When you are a police officer, you are a police officer 24/7.

On the official website of the book you find some additional photo’s and sketches. –> website book: Ben de Raaf – Paniek in Prinsenland

Writing style / spelling

Note: I have read this book before I started taking notes of spelling and / or grammar.

The amount of writing or spelling mistakes is low. I remember that throughout the first sequels of the series, there are a few spelling mistakes now and then. Sometimes a sequel without any and sometimes a sequel with a few. Conclusion: You can read the series in a nice tempo because you will not be delayed by spelling or grammar mistakes.

Main characters

The main character in this book is Roel Westland. He is in graduation year of high school and helps now and then the police. He has met some police officers last year – Politieserie | Murder in Ommoord. He fell in love with a girl from his class named Ingrid and she is now officially his girlfriend. They go out a few times and this book is more about their relationship than the other sequels of the series.

In short: this series is really nice to learn a bit more about the do’s, don’ts and things that happen in the life of a police officer. It gives you the feeling of reading a ‘behind the scenes’ book. There is at the moment on air the police television series ‘Flikken Rotterdam‘ and sometimes that series reminds me of those books.

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