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Nice to meet you reader!

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Personal description

My name is Sophie and I am a student living in Rotterdam.
At the moment 27 years young and interested in many thing.
I am born and raised in Gouda [NL]
I am currently studying Software Engineering at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
I am nearly graduated 🙂
I play now and then different instruments like the soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and the piano.
And now and then sports like yoga, cycling and running.
I have been a field hockey player and goalie for several years.
I am an animal lover such as pandas and pets like rabbits and dogs
I love to read books and magazines and reading other blogs
I am interested in the background of events, the impact of entertainment and how to make stuff more efficient.
I am also, and nowadays more importantly, interested in programming languages and learning new stuff about software and technology.
And I am interested in diving deep into social media and learn about the new features, hypes, trends and so on. Though I do not participate in all of course. Some social media platforms speak for themselves the way they are from front to backend.

Blog description

My blog is about my experiences and opinions in life that I like to share with you.
The books that I have read, the films I have seen, the series I have watched and the entertainment and places I have been.
Also sports and technology are one of my biggest interests and I love the combination of it, the data around it, the stats, the privacy discussions of health data and so on.
Because of my study in Software Engineering, I like to create projects that combine such things.

On my blog you can find everything through the menu above.
Enjoy reading!

Loves from Sophie


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