Reading beside books

Everyone who loves to read a book now and then, or often, will recognize this. The time you can spend on reading books. The time you spend on reading other – necessary or required – readings. How much time do you spend on reading other things than books?

The past couple of decades and the past couple of years, the internet has become very important for the ordinary human. For example:

  • You have to verify that you are ‘you’. Is it at the municipality, the airport, lots of things that are digitalized.
  • At college or at the university: you have your own ‘student account’ to access documents online and stuff.

As a student in IT, lots of information is provided by the internet. Theory provided in little publications, ‘how to’s ‘ provided by YouTube and when you are stuck during programming you can ask a question on a forum. For example on ‘Stack Overflow’. Or another category where you are interested in. Probably you would not think that an IT student reads lots of documents or watch lots of tutorials. But yes we do. After two fulltime project weeks I realised that I have even read more pages – from a book or from a website – questions and pieces of code than I have read a couple of books the past two months during study. I barely have time to read one book or more in a week. It feels like an information overload of all the texts and pieces together. I have read – pieces big and small – about: JQuery –> JavaScript | Flask –> Python | JSON | Ajax | Heroku | GitHub | TypeScript | Bootstrap | HTML | CSS  and so on…

But I also love to read now and then magazines like:

  • Glamour (lifestyle) – always every Dutch edition, sometimes German or English edition too
  • Wired (technology) – most editions
  • Wieler Revue (cycling) – now and then and special
  • iCreate (technology) – now and then
  • Foodies (food) – specials
  • Delicious (food) – specials
  • Vogue (fashion) – now and then
  • Runner’s World – specials
  • Pro Cycling (cycling) – now and then and specials
  • Pedala (cycling) – most editions

And now and then a newspaper. Or online the news about The Netherlands and around at or for the world version of news And then you have got social media, other blogs I love to read and so on…

Have you realised how much you read besides a book?

Honestly I think I read for four hours a day at least, everything together except reading a book. Reading a book differs from reading a book at once or reading a book spread out over a couple of days. When I read a book for one hour a day, right before sleeping, I am ultimately happy finishing my day.

Do you have a time set for reading (a) book(s)?

Greetings by Sophie

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