Reading Challenge 2016

The reading challenge of 2015

In a few days 2015 will be at an end and 2016 will start. Time for a new reading challenge. This year (2015) I challenged myself on Goodreads to read 52 books in a year. Any kind of book, any amount of pages. About the statistics of 2015 I will write a post when 2015 has really ended and 2016 has started. Maybe I read a few more chapters in those last days of 2015…
Well at least I can give away that I completed my challenge of 52 books! And I started on April 1st, not in January 2015.

The reading challenge of 2016

For 2016 I set the same goal: 52 books! Sounds maybe a bit boring for the bookaholics / bookfanatics / bibliophiles / booklovers; but! The challenge of 2016 is to have a higher average of book pages in total. Now it is around a 130 pages a book and 7500 pages in total…maybe 2016 will have an average of 150 pages a book and 8000 pages in total.

There are two different challenges I take part. The yearly Goodreads challenge for the total amount of books in any language (and more statistics).
And new for me upcoming year is the Hebban challenge, for the Dutch books. My challenge on Hebban is to read 26 Dutch books and maybe as an addition when all is going fine…as different as possible. You can find my profile page and the books I already selected for the challenge here: Hebban Sophie.  Hebban made a nice challenge list – in Dutch – and I will translate this for you in another blog post.

The challenge document of Hebban in Dutch you can find here –> HRC2016_lijst (copyright to and use #hrc2016 to let them know your progress!

What is your challenge for 2016?
– books / films / series / sports or something else… –
– let me know in a comment –

Greetings by Sophie

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  1. Ik doe ook mee aan de Hebban challenge! Ik ga er gewoon 50 proberen te lezen, en dan vooral boeken uit mijn eigen kast. Mijn nog-te-lezen-stapel is ook namelijk nog iets van 50 boeken (ietsjes meer) en ik wil dit jaar door mijn ongelezen boeken heenlezen. Dus inclusief boeken die ik nieuw koop of krijg 🙂

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