Reading for fun again

Hi readers!

Do you have time to read a book you want? Time to spend hours in a bookshop, having a budget and just considering which book you want to buy? And really listen to yourself and thinking: which book do I probably réally like; and should spend my money on?

You knew literature (-or a-) book is one of the ‘high’ forms of art, as well as paintings, performances and music (according to Throsby in his book The Economics of Cultural Policy, I had to read for my study)  

This was happening to me yesterday evening, spending hours in a bookshop, thinking, criticizing books and covers and leaving very happily with a few new books. This time written in Dutch because my study is given in English so I speaka and write Dutch and English daily (and write in English because it is a beautiful language with lots of words, a big word choice haha). I prefer also to read books in the language it is originally written. So I was searching for some Dutch literature or thrillers written by a good author. And the story on the backcover has to make me curious always. That counts for hardcover/paperback books though.
When I am looking for some ebooks, the cover counts first, secondly the at the moment I prefer when it is not part of a serie, because I still have to finish four series of books over here….and last but not least; it is nice when it is a free book as well. Not that I do not want to pay for a book – or in this case an ebook because I always pay for a book unless it is a gift or so – but I expect some classics to be free (it’s the copyright law unfortunately) or otherwise short stories to promote the author. It can attract attention to the author and his/her other books when such a short story is already good written.

I love reading,
I read a lot when I was young and now it is time to read more besides study-material.
I have read lots of articles and parts from academic books and written essays all related to my studies.
But now I’m gonna read what I want to read, I am interested in -or just being curious- to the story behind a cover.

I am displaying now only the books I have read this year ánd the books with the right edition I have read.
In my childtime I have borrowed many books from the library but I discovered that since I have moved to another city and another library, I don’t have any list anymore (provided by the library) of what I have borrowed (ISBN included) and which edition it is. This is unfortunately a pity but one day I will figure it out.

Time to read!

My ratings for the books I have read are as follows:

***** (5) = my favourite(s) / (want to) have definitely a copy / read more than once (or tip for doing it) / tell about it, write about it -blog- / just written in the style and story I like the most.

**** (4) = really good book / (want to) have a copy / tip it / (maybe) tell about it, write about it -blog-

*** (3) = just a good book / average / good but not exciting or my favourite style (see 5*)

** = thought it would be more my style

* = seems like not being a book for me
And why is in my opinion a one-star or two-starred book not a bad book?
Because there are no bad books published, I am just a different person who likes a different book than what the author wrote. So that makes it, it seems like it is not being book suited for me, not a bad book but it fits probably better to another person.

2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading Challenge
Sophie has
read 3 books toward her goal of 52 books.

Do you have also an account on Goodreads?
Do you have some book recommendations for me? (written in English, or Dutch)
Or what is your favourite book? Or which genres do you read most?

Greetings from Sophie!

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