Reading in Review

A little update about my reading and writing reviews. This week I am contacted by an author to review her new book! I am so excited about it! The book has arrived, I started reading it today and the beginning I have read so far is really nice! I am not telling yet for whom I am reading and reviewing, the review will be online later this month. But I like to share this little  happiness!

I am thankfull that she, the author, reached out to me by mailing me ( and knows about my blogpolicy.

I hope you are looking forward to my review and you can have a sneek peak about the book I am reading on my Goodreads profile. This book is not available (yet) in Dutch so you can not find it on my Hebban profile. But on Hebban you find all the books I have read in Dutch and/or are translated to Dutch but I have read in English (you will find that list in the ‘English’ list). The books I want to read in Dutch you find on my ‘Reading Challenge 2016’ list.

Do you read a lot too?
Or do you have a profile on Goodreads or or Instagram or Twitter too?

Greetings by Sophie

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