Restless (2012)

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In my view…

The story is about a woman who is living her normal life in 1975. Thirty years after the end of World War II. Her mother is now and then a bit anxious and was until recently dependent on a wheelchair. The film is written with long flashbacks. Stories told from the mother to her daughter. And the daughter – Ruth – who is doing a research to the World War II and the role of some persons and secret services. The mother, who’s real name is not Mrs. Gilmartin but Eva Delectorskaya – has written everything down for her daughter so she can investigate what happened over 30 years ago and why her mother’s life might be still in danger.

I skip writing about the middle part because this would lead to factual spoilers. Some facts have not a lot to do with the characters or with predicting the story of the film, but give a little imagination of the settings in which the story of this film is written.

At a certain moment towards the end I found the flashbacks more confusing and they switched more quickly. But this was also important because it speeded it up a little bit and also held the tension of the film viewer close to the story.

The end – description of feelings – no facts spoiling

The end is in my opinion surprising, I did not expect that concluding end of the film. I predicted the end differently, way differently. But I did not exactly know what to expect either. The current time of the film – 1975  – was quite clear and in an average pace. But the end of the part of the flashbacks, was the part that was really surprising. Not only the end but in fact the whole part. You are constantly questioning yourself: what is yet to come?

But again, I did not expect that ending and the quickness the whole clue is being explained. So simply explained, so short, so genius. It felt like all the puzzle pieces of all characters and happenings fell into place.

The film has a sad end. And I don’t like it when people die or really good actors and actresses play an important role and one of the characters they play die. According to the story it had to be and I understand. And for the other main character, this leads to a happy end. So the film has a happy end as well.

The Writing

To write a screenplay like this – with such extremities in happy and sad, beloved and betrayed, well-kept secrets and conspiracies – is a skill not many people possesses as far as I have seen and discovered.

The Cast

This film has been made by a wonderful cast full of great British actors and actresses. Rufus Sewell who plays now and then the sweet guy and now and then the bad guy. Great actor for his role! And Michelle Dockery who is also known for her role in Downton Abbey, plays a sweet kind smart woman who knows how to stand her ground. Charlotte Rampling is the best known actress of this film. With her filmography of over 120 roles! And you will see her five! times this year in the cinemas. And of course the good lord of the Harry Potter films – after late Richard Harris – Michael Gambon! Also names that are coming up such as Alexander Fehling and Tom Brooke



I am not telling too much about the story – you have to see the film yourself and make your own opinion. I hope you like the film too. It is worth to watch it times and if you did not figure out the story completely, it is worth to watch it multiple times.

Greetings by Sophie

Film Facts:

Title: Restless
Genre: Drama / Romance
Director: Edward Hall
Writer (book): William Boyd
Screenwriter: William Boyd
Country: The United Kingdom / Germany
Language spoken: English
Release Date: 7 December 2012 (USA, part 1) & 14 December 2012 (USA, part 2)
Release in NL: exact date unknown
Time: 180 minutes
Production Companies: Endor Productions / Sundance Channel / British Broadcasting Corporation / Red Arrow International / Sat.1
IMDb rating: 7,2 / 10
Rating:  8 / 10

Top 25 Cast:
  1. Hayley Atwell / Eva Delectorskaya
  2. Rufus Sewell / Lucas Romer
  3. Michelle Dockery / Ruth Gilmartin
  4. Michael Gambon / Lord Romer
  5. Charlotte Rampling / Sally Gilmartin
  6. Thekla Reuten / Sylvia Rhys Meyers
  7. Adrian Scarborough / Morris Devereux
  8. Bertie Carvel / Mason Harding
  9. Bernhard Schir / Bobby von Arnim
  10. Alexander Fehling / Karl-Heinz
  11. Kevin Guthrie / Alfie Blytheswood
  12. Tom Brooke / Angus Woolf
  13. Anthony Calf / Gerald Laird
  14. David Butler / Keegan-Vale
  15. Aidan Cook / Instructor
  16. Mark Elderkin / Raul
  17. Ronald France / Mr. Delectorski
  18. Catherine Harvey / Mrs. Dangerfield
  19. Gwilym Lee / Sean Gilmartin
  20. James Norton / Kolia
  21. Dominic Rowan / Detective Seargent Mason
  22. Aubrey Shelton / Witoldski
  23. Edwin Thomas / Edward
  24. Joe Vaz / Jack
  25. Michael Peter Willis / Jochen

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