Retrospective on the OhMyBookathon

The past couple of days – from Thursday 16th – until yesterday late evening. I have read a lot during the well-known OhMyBookathon challenge. In a previous post I wrote about the readathon and my expectations of what I would read during this challenge. I updated my ‘Challenges‘ page several times and this is the lookback. Do you want to know how my first readathon challenge fared? Read on…

I already explained the purpose of a readathon in the related readathon post –> The Readathon of July.
Briefly explained a readathon is about having fun and shorten your to-be-read list by reading. And set is as an important thing during those days. Extra attention for to love reading.
My main goal of this challenge was to read every day a bit and that I would only read while I was seriously loving it.

My progress prediction about the readathon was to read the following books (ordered by author):

  • Anoniem – De voetbalmakelaar > 2nd book OMBR (finish tuesday)
  • Motte, Anders De La – Game > 3rd book OMBR (finish sunday)
  • Rijn, Linda van – Blue Curacao > start, 1st book OMBR (finish friday)

This would have the following statistics after finishing it: 838 pages, 74 chapters, all in Dutch and one anonymous writer.

But it turned out to be different. Nonetheless my main goal is reached. I have read every day a bit. Of course some days more than other days. But I chose while I started different books. Only Blue Curacao I kept but it took me a few days to finish it. Not because it is difficult to read because it isn’t. But it wasn’t that exciting in the first chapters as I was looking for.

Finally I chose to read:

  • Willard, Eliza – De betovering begint [NL] / The Power of Three [EN] – Charmed Classics 01
  • Gerritsen, Tess – Dicht op de hielen [NL] / Call After Midnight [EN]
  • Kuijper, Piet – Spion van het Vaticaan [NL] / Spy of The Vatican [EN]
  • Rijn, Linda van – Blue Curacao

I was already halfway through the first book when the challenge started. But a simple little rule, once you start reading a book – especially from the library with it borrow time limitations –  and finish it. Or read three at the same time but finish them then one for one. That is why it was hard for me to finish ‘Blue Curacao’ while it was the first book after the Charmed classic I started reading with. Anyways. I am happy that I managed it to finish my first readathon and achieve my goals. Read more than 800 pages – partly digital ebooks – and at least three books which means every two days finishing a book.
And besides, it is summer holiday and I had two lovely days out with cultural visits and friends visits and two days of cleaning and tidying up the house. A summer holiday cleanup.

So read – or watch a movie or series – while you live life
And live – meet friends, go on a cultural trip – while you are reading or watching a movie or series.

The reviews of those books will be written later

Greetings by Sophie

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