Sophie’s Blog 5th Anniversary!

Woohoo Happy Birthday to my blog!

Sophie’s Blog celebrates her 5th anniversary this month!
The first ever big jubilee!

Created by Sophie van den Akker © 2020

Five years blogging in statistical recap

The past five years have been full of adventures as a student Software Engineering, as a twenty-something years old and as a person who is so curious about lots and lots of topics to write about or to explore.

A few statistics about my life and my blog of the past five years:

  • Books
    read: 174 (2015 -2019)
    reviewed: 62+
  • Films released since 2015
    seen: 68
    reviewed: 9+
  • Series first season released since 2015
    seen : 36
    reviewed seasons: 11+
  • Travels
    I have been on holiday to Vienna [AT], Edinburgh [GB], London [GB] and Crete [GR] and visited many more cities and places in Europe.
  • Blog
    posts written: 397
    words average per post: 386
    words average per post: 150.000+

When I reflect on those statistics I recognise the trend of writing less when my study desired more and more time. I am proud of spending most of my time in study and a lot of time in my social life, a sidejob and in my blog. All together it have been a busy couple of years week in week out.

And when your life as a student is in and out of different rhythms, like fulltime internships and every couple of weeks examweeks…
… no (brain)energy left for reading and watching films and series or starting a creative project… rarely energy for some socializing.

All in all… studying the past couple of years slurped lots of energy and blogging and starting creative projects was now and then tough.
But I never lost the fun for blogging! I missed it massively when I had to focus completely on my study and couldn’t share enough – for my feeling – my thoughts and ideas and or opinions about books, films, series and technology.

In these five years I have also setup a blog structure and I have written my first blog post series titled ‘Life of an IT Student’.

The Life of an IT Student series has ended because I completed my graduation internship and I only have a few topics to go before I graduate as a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Software Engineering.


This blog has such a variety of blog post topics and I have so many interests… that did not change in these five years, it more or less expanded even haha. And this wide interested blog exists 5 years!

Today I have got besides the anniversary news and the recap also some other exciting news! The past couple of months I have been preparing lots for my blog as in reading, watching, tech gadgets testing, researching, and discovering what the adjusted focus would be. So here it is!
Maybe you have noticed already the change in the blog layout. The menu focuses nowadays on the three main topics of my blog at the moment.
These are: Books, Films and Series. I am also working on coding projects and tech stuff besides my study and in daily life is learning about your lifestyle also important.

I announce hereby the new blog series I will write, entitled: Blog News!

So I’ll start with a new series named ‘Blog News #’. I think the title is clear because the blog summary will list all the blog posts I have written in a week, bi-weekly or in a month… I still have to figure out the frequency of this summary series. The list items of blog posts will be accompanied with a tiny description so you know in short what it is about. I think this new series has a few plusses.

The ‘Blog News #’ will:

  • Be an easy overview of blog posts and shared on social media
    Note: not all blog posts will be shared on social media when posted. If you would like to get notified or get it in your mailbox: subscribe through email or WordPress. See the sidebar here on the right –>
  • List all the blog posts that have been written recently in a set time period. *I am figuring out if it will be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  • Every blog post mentioned will be accompanied with a tiny description. Tiny because I will add a few sentences and not a paragraph each.
  • Every blog post in the list will have a link to it
  • Every blog post in the list will also be categorised to at least one and a maximum of three categories.

Summary for you:

  • You’ll know what’s posted during the *week in an overview
  • You can choose some or all to read and/or to watch
  • You’ll discover maybe some other categories you didn’t know on my blog
  • Your socials won’t be full of all blog post announcements anymore
  • If you want an announcement/update of every new written blog post, you can subscribe by email

Happy celebrations!

Loves from Sophie

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