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Yesterday I suddenly had a creative idea of changing my blog header. I was not satisfied with the old one anymore. Sometimes it was a bit out of range and together with the Hemingway theme from WordPress it was oke but not good enough in my opinion. So I decided to look for something different. First I changed the header by being creative with Adobe Photoshop Elements. A new design, even more ‘less is more’. And a bit of color with the blue little wave. I changed the name as well to ‘Sophie’s Blog’ because that was already how it was partly called at the social media profiles. In this post I show my main header together with some of the the categories headers. Last but not least I changed my Hemingway theme into the Button theme.

What do you think of the new theme?

I hope you like it!

Which of these categories is your favorite?

Greetings by Sophie

The headers:

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