Status update

Something like I have a lot to write and finish written concepts…

  • I have at the moment more than 10 posts with the status of concept –> I have to finish them!
  • I have worked at the Poetry International Festival Rotterdam past week –> new post about this 46th edition!
  • I have visited ‘Het Dordste Hof van Nederland’ –> a post about that little travel
  • I have finished reading ‘Sportzaak’, a book related to the Flikken Maastricht television series –> a post about those series! One of my favourite Dutch police series.
  • I have enjoyed the sunlight with some drinks on the terraces so I am gonna blog about some of those drinks and how healthy they are – or not – or why they are just delicious.
  • I have to write new post about the following reviews of the books I read and are coming up (you can find the overview also on my bookreview overview page:
    • Corine Hartman – Sportzaak – on this blog and
    • Arja Peters – De Olijke Tweeling als speurders – on this blog
    • Ben de Raaf – Moord in Ommoord – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Paniek in Prinsenland – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Commotie in Crooswijk – on this blog and
    • Ben de Raaf – Ramkraak in Kralingen – on this blog
    • Anthony Richardson – Trouw tot het einde – on this blog and
    • Sandra van Tongeren – Wat een dag – on this blog

Oh and I am visiting Brussels this week and on saturday to the zoo and on sunday is a readathon organised by the publisher A.W. Bruna.

Post Scriptum: I managed to finish my first The Book Week of Three week challenge, just one week, one simple task a day  

Greetings by Sophie

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