Steps of a Bloggingday

Suddenly I have a beautiful sunny day without any specific plans. A perfect day to blog today most of the time. I wrote down the steps that I all belong to blogging. This idea came up when I read the blogpost written by Vivians Vocabulaire about ‘De vijf rollen van de blogger’ [NL] (‘The five roles of the blogger’).

The order of the steps can change, it depends on where you stopped the previous day and if you have already content for your blog or not. I have already quite some content for my blog, lot of concepts and ideas I have to finish. But finishing a post is not always as easy as it looks like. This post I write right away. But writing a review or about an experience of the past couple of days or weeks, is different stuff and I always want to do some research and have the correct facts. Behind the steps I have written a time maximum, if you do all the steps in one day, it is as much as a eight hour workday.

Do you already have content for your blog? Yes = Start at step 1. No = Start at step 9.

  1. Write a blogpost (one hour)
  2. Optimize your blog (half an hour)
  3. Promote your blog (one hour, or combine with step 4)
  4. Surf around on the internet for blogrelated stuff / other bloggers (half an hour or combine with step 3)
  5. Comment at interesting things, go for interaction (one hour, writing good comments takes time)
  6. Read other blogposts (one hour, or combine with step 7)
  7. Comment on your favourites / inspiring / do not spam! (one hour, or combine with step 6)
  8. Write a new concept – after all those inspirations (one hour)
  9. Relaxing time! Read a book, watch a film, watch a serie episode, be creative: color / draw / make jewelry (no specific time)
  10. Keep up your blogbook! Write down all your new ideas, search for facts, it’s your blog diary! An overview of everything in short. Do you have nothing to write? Make your blogbook look good! Always fun. (one hour)

Enjoy writing, reading, being creative and most of all have lots of fun!

Greetings by Sophie

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