Study and the JavaFX Project

Today was the start of the last project weeks of this study year. The last three weeks of the fourth trimester, the last three weeks of the second semester. During these three weeks I will be working together with a few other students to make an mobile application as a project subject.

We got instructions to make a mobile application programmed in Java or in C# and if we finish early we can try to make a desktop application of our mobile version as well. Since we practiced with C# in the previous project, we would like to try Java this time.

This project has just started today so I can not write much about it right now. I am figuring out what JavaFX is, what the possibilities are, preparing some project documents and checklists and tomorrow I probably start with programming.

The company Oracle provides a nice documentation about JavaFX and I am curious how far I have come after three weeks. I will continue practicing with C# as well and I learn a lot from the tutorials provided by Microsoft Developers Network.

Lots to learn and keeping up with my languages Dutch, English, French and German for the holidays. Do you want to keep up with your languages too? Maybe Duolingo can help, a nice application I have written about earlier.


How will be your last weeks prior to the summer holidays?

Greetings by Sophie

2 thoughts on “Study and the JavaFX Project

  1. Grappig, ik had juist vooral met Java gewerkt tijdens mijn studie, en bij mijn stage gebruikten ze C#! Ik vond het nog best wel op Java lijken. Ik heb ook weleens een Android app geschreven (niet gepubliceerd op de play store) en dat kon ook gewoon in java.

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