Summer Holiday to Study Structure

The summer holiday has come to an end for me. Two weeks ago already in fact because today I had an important exam and assignment for my study in computer science. The rest of the week I don’t have college yet but the summer holiday has ended and studying needs structure and blogging needs structure.

The Blog structure of 2016

I have written previously about my blogging structure in december 2015 –> Blog structure for 2016 and this is what I’m gonna use again during my weeks of study. It did not work out that well during the project weeks, but this year I will try to combine them better.

This is the structure in short again:

  • Monday – Book review
  • Tuesday – Category post / YouTube video / Pinterest post / Recipe post
  • Wednesday – Series review
  • Thursday – Category post / YouTube video / Pinterest post / Recipe post
  • Friday – Film review

I have lots and lots of stories to tell for the tuesday and thursday at the Category Post days. I am still free of blogging during the weekend, so what I will post during the weekend could be a surprise.

“Note: it works for me and maybe for you too, but most important have a structure that fits you most. Maybe my structure gives you some inspiration. And for all readers: you know what category mostly to expect on which day.” – Sophie van den Akker 22 december 2015

Good luck to everyone who’s summer holiday is at an en as well and is back working or studying again.

Greetings by Sophie

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