Summerbreak of 2015

Hi readers,

How has been your summer break?

The last couple of days I took a summer break of everything. Not by going on holiday but by focussing completely on preparing for a new year of study! I had some things to do to so I could start this new week of study well prepared. I also visited some friends, some culture sniffling and just enjoy life in a very calming way. Over all I call it a very effective useful summer break haha. And the weather has not been that good these past couple of days – thunderstorms with strong winds and the dangerous lightning. It looks like autumn is coming (too) soon.

And now I have plenty to write about. But study goes first so it’s studying and meanwhile writing a blog post now and then. I also finished some books, watched some films, series, some events, culture… etcetera

Tomorrow will be the next book review online and more posts coming up in the next couple of days. The rhythm is back!

Enjoy reading!

Greetings by Sophie

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