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The Blogging Experience | WordPress

WordPress A few years ago I heard for the first time of WordPress. I thought back then that you probably must be a very experienced web designer, websitemaker...all sort of jobs like that. But experienced and you had to have a big business to afford it. That was my first impression of WordPress. WordPress exists… Continue reading The Blogging Experience | WordPress


The People Who Went Away – Nicci French

My book review of "The People Who Went Away" written by Nicci French Title: The People Who Went Away [EN]  / De mensen die weggingen [NL] Author: Nicci French Genre: Thriller ISBN: 978-90-414-0595-X Publisher: Ambo | Anthos Uitgevers Year 1st edition & read edition: 2003 Year read: 2015 Original language: English Read language: Dutch Pages: 48 Places: Banham Crescent, UK Rating: 3 / 5… Continue reading The People Who Went Away – Nicci French