Music | Spirit of the Glen (2007) The Ultimate Collection

In my view A couple of years ago when I travelled on my own to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, I stumbled upon the music of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. To me it has something magical! I visited the museum at the Edinburgh Castle site and was amazed by the authentic pride and culture… Continue reading Music | Spirit of the Glen (2007) The Ultimate Collection


The Crimson Spell – Cameron Dokey and F. Goldsborough

My book review of "The Crimson Spell" written by Cameron Dokey and F. Goldsborough In my view... The book is a nice sequel in the original Charmed series created by Constance M. Burge. The book can be read as a standalone because it repeats a bit about the previous two novels. The series is about… Continue reading The Crimson Spell – Cameron Dokey and F. Goldsborough


Ballet Shoes (2007)

In my view... An eccentric explorer travels the world. One day he was the closest to a family that was left for a girl named Sylvia and she became his foster child. He traveled the world again and Nana took care of  Sylvia until she was a young-adult. The eccentric explorer, also known as the great… Continue reading Ballet Shoes (2007)


I Am Legend – Richard Matheson

My book review of "I Am Legend" written by Richard Matheson Title: I Am Legend Author: Richard Matheson Genre: Fiction / Science Fiction ISBN: 978-90-461-1297-7 NUR: 312 - Pockets Popular Fiction Publisher: A.W. Bruna Uitgevers Year 1st edition & read edition: 1954 & 2007 Year read: 2016 Original title & language: I Am Legend [English] Read language: Dutch Pages: 188 Places: Los Angeles Rating: 2 / 5 stars… Continue reading I Am Legend – Richard Matheson