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August 2017 | Life of an IT student

Hello readers! At the beginning of August I was still on holiday and after holiday I started quickly with preparations for my internship in September. Part of the preparation is to improve my home as well. In short I can say: I have bought some lovely plants for my home and made some plans for… Continue reading August 2017 | Life of an IT student

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Vienna at First Sight

Topics: monday afternoon - wien mitte - karlsplatz - oper Monday afternoon This morning I left my hometown to spend a week in Vienna as a young student tourist. My thoughts about this morning you can read in my previous blog post --> Travel in Vienna. My flight was pleasant, some turbulence high above in… Continue reading Vienna at First Sight

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Travel in Vienna

Monday morning Today I am flying to Vienna to have a week full of culture, animals - yes the famous panda's of Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Zoo Vienna), music such as the famous classical composers like Mozart but the Jazz category as well, architecture and technology. Or at least I try to find some jazz. This whole… Continue reading Travel in Vienna

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The Stairs of Rotterdam

Today at the end of my exam week, I did some cultural discovery in my hometown Rotterdam. I have climbed the stairs! It takes 140 steps on the partly wooden staircase to reach the top of the 'Groothandels Gebouw'. A famous old gigantic trade building where during the reconstruction of Rotterdam, much trade occurred.… Continue reading The Stairs of Rotterdam