The Affiliate Experience | The Start

Hello readers! An important update on my blog about my motivation for blogging and for the almost four-year anniversary of this blog and much longer in blogging itself…, starting with affiliate marketing! Whut? What is that? Well, hereby my motivation and explanation. A very personal written blog post. The term ‘affiliate’ Last week I learned… Read More The Affiliate Experience | The Start

Reading for fun again

Hi readers!

Do you have time to read a book you want? Time to spend hours in a bookshop, having a budget and just considering which book you want to buy? And really listen to yourself and thinking: which book do I probably réally like; and should spend my money on?

You knew literature (-or a-) book is one of the ‘high’ forms of art, as well as paintings, performances and music (according to Throsby in his book The Economics of Cultural Policy, I had to read for my study)

And my questions:
Do you have also an account on Goodreads?
Do you have some book recommendations for me? (written in English, or Dutch)
Or what is your favourite book? Or which genres do you read most?

Greetings from Sophie!… Read More Reading for fun again