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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018! And accompanied by a compilationvideo of fireworks. Have a healthy and lovely year!

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24th Birthday!

30 november 2016 Yeey today is my birthday! Today it was 24 years ago that I was born, on a monday evening and it was snowing. The last day of the month november, a day in the month of the Sagittarius. Today Today it is around 5 degrees celsius and it was a sunny day.… Continue reading 24th Birthday!

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Birthday 2015

Today it's my birthday! Have a nice evening! Celebration greetings by Sophie

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Christmas It is Christmas Eve so my first post about one of my Pinterestboards will be about my board named 'Christmas'. What I question is what do I put on that board? It is not as easy as a category like candles for example (which I don't have yet, new idea). I have got many… Continue reading Christmas