Miss Austen – Gill Hornby

My book review of ‘Miss Austen’ written by Gill Hornby In my view A lot has been written about Jane Austen and her works. But not so often you stumble upon a book focussing on one of her relatives: her beloved sister Cassandra Austen. Before I read this book, I did not know that Jane… Read More Miss Austen – Gill Hornby

Five Feet Apart – Rachael Lippincott | Mikki Daughtry | Tobias Iaconis

My book review of ‘Five Feet Apart’ written by Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis. In my view This novel is about three young people who fight against Cystic Fibrosis. Frequently called ‘CF’ in the book. Cystic Fibrosis is chronic hereditary disorder that can be very life-threatening because it affects the lungs and some… Read More Five Feet Apart – Rachael Lippincott | Mikki Daughtry | Tobias Iaconis

Dunkirk to Belsen – John Sadler

The memoirs of several soldiers, the letters of several leading officers, speeches of highly ranked persons and even songs sang while marching; are all described in this extraordinary memoirfull book about World War II. The story is in particular following the Durham Light Infantry. So very detailed! Enjoy reading! Loves from Sophie… Read More Dunkirk to Belsen – John Sadler

YouTube | Saara Aalto – Let It Go – Multi-Language Version

This weekend I discovered musician Saara Aalto, a Finnish singer songwriter who competed back in 2016 in the British X Factor edition. Besides the covers she presented in the shows of X Factor United Kingdom, I also like this cover of Idina Menzel’s ‘Let It Go’ from the film Frozen. She sings this cover with… Read More YouTube | Saara Aalto – Let It Go – Multi-Language Version

L’affaire Saint-Fiacre – Georges Simenon

My book review of “L’affaire Saint-Fiacre ” written by Georges Simenon In my view About the story, tips, tricks and so onโ€ฆ reading speed, general storyline oke, assumptions, popular book or not, subject like it or not. In this sequel in the commissar Maigret series, Maigret visits his birthplace Saint-Fiacre. Based on a note he… Read More L’affaire Saint-Fiacre – Georges Simenon